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  • 如有任何產品查詢,歡迎與本公司職員聯絡,銷售電話(852) 2616 2449 或電郵 .

  • 顧客在選購貨品前亦有責任參閱產品資訊及其他詳情。

  • 一經提交訂單已在處理中或已確認,顧客將不得以任何形式取消訂單及要求退款。

  • 所有產品圖片只供參考。如有任何爭議,日暉科技投資有限公司保留最終決定權。

  • For enquiries, please contact our staff for details via sales hotline at (852) 2616 2449 or e-mail .

  • Please read below all product item carefully before order placement. Once the order is processing or confirmed, refund and cancellations are not accepted.

  • Photos are for reference only. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Suntronics shall be final. 

*Remark: 請分開下單購買支裝產品及Xmas Package,方可享受優惠折扣

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